Women in Song: A Camerata Recital

Singing the Music They Love:

Camerata singers Charlene Canty, Meghan DeWald Althouse and Erin Schmura along with Camerata singer and pianist Ellen Fast join together to share music they love that highlights women.

This virtual recital will showcase music composed by women, performed by women and in some cases, poems written by women.

For this recital only, our videographer, Camerata singer Ivan Plazacic will take his camera behind the scenes and show you what it is like to prepare and perform this music.

This Virtual Recital runs from

Wednesday, June 2 to June 30


Women of the Camerata Quartet

The Quartet

"Lumen (Light)"

Music by Abbie Betinis, b. 1980; Text by Anonymous

Meghan DeWald Althouse

"Les filles de Cadix (The girls of Cadiz/Spanish Song),"

Music by Pauline Viardot, 1821-1910; Text by Alfred de Musset 1810-1857

"Hai luli!"

Music by Pauline Viardot, Text by Xavier de Maistre, 1763-1852

Charlene Canty


Music by Florence Price, 1887-1953; Text by Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1872-1906

"Love Let the Wind Cry: How I Adore Thee"

Music by Undine Smith Moore, 1904-1989; Text by Sappho, c. 630 – c. 570 BCE as rendered by William Bliss Carman, 1861-1929 and based on prose translation of H.T. Wharton, 1846-1895

Erin Schmura

"Sunlight Filled the Room" & "Memory of the Sun"

Music by Sergei Prokofiev, 1891-1953; Text by Anna Akhmatova, 1889-1966

Ellen Fast

Riddle Variations

Music by Gwyneth Walker, b. 1947

Meghan DeWald Althouse

"Laue Sommernacht (Mild Summer Night)"

Music by Alma Mahler, 1879-1964; Text by Otto Julius Bierbaum, 1865-1910

"Ich wandle unter Blumen (I wander among flowers)"

Music by Alma Mahler; Text by Heinrich Heine, 1797-1856

Erin Schmura

"Ave Generosa (Hail, Nobly born)"

Music and text by Hildegard von Bingen, 1098-1179; translation by Nathaniel M. Campbell

"A Dream"

Music by Rebecca Clarke, 1886-1979; Text by William B. Yeats, 1865-1939

" God Made a Tree"

Music by Rebecca Clarke; Text by Katherine Kendall, a friend of Clarke’s

Charlene Canty

"The Shining Place" & "There Came A Wind Like a Bugle"

Music by Lee Hoiby, 1926-2011; Text by Emily Dickinson, 1830-1886

The Quartet

"The Lake Isle of Innisfree"

Music by Eleanor Daley, b. 1955; Text by William B. Yeats, 1865-1939