Meet the Newest Camerata Baby!

Baritone Royce Strider and Miriam Patterson welcome Jacob Dean Thomás Strider, their “Rainbow Baby,” born on June 18th, measuring 6 lbs 15 oz, and 20 inches long. He had already attended 3 Camerata concerts even before his arrival!

Wedding Bells!

Congratulations to tenor Colin Farley and Emily, married on June 21.

Old, But Good News!

Soprano Kathryn Copeland Donaldson performed with Chatham Baroque in May 2018. Here is a piece from the recital (Note- Kathryn is 7 months pregnant, which makes this recital even more amazing):

Todder Update

Soprano Meghan DeWald reports that her son Brandon Graham, born 7/13/18 is very inquisitive and (unsurprisingly) a vocally expressive little guy; he’s currently loving mimicking Mommy’s singing and his other favorite activities are reading books, walking/crawling all over, playing outside with water, and trying all kinds of new foods!