Beatrice Holz


While first reading the Arthur Wenk diary, I noted this entry for the end of the first season: "Next year Bea Holz will conduct the group in my absence; I’m already plotting programs for the year after." This was the first time I had heard of Bea Holz—I was completely unaware that anyone else had conducted the group between its founding in 1974 and the end of the 1980-81 season. I went looking for information on Ms. Holz, via the modern version of the Wizard of Oz, Google. I was thrilled to get what looked like a plausible candidate for the position of Bea Holz. The hit was a Dr. Beatrice Holz, Professor of Music Education and Voice and Director of the Women's Choir at Asbury University in Kentucky. I used the contact information form to send an email to Dr. Holz, and got a lovely email back which began thus:   "Hello, Rebecca, and greetings from Kentu